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Novel original and popular soft pet crate

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Novel original and popular soft pet crate
Issue Time:2019-04-10

Details of soft pet crate

Use method of steel frame

Contrast with traditional steel ladle

Product test

As a steel pet carrier produced and sold by ourselves, we can provide customers with better customized sizes, colors, materials and pocket positions. if you have any ideas or suggestion, we, as a professional team, have our own factory and an excellent designer team, will provide you with quality services.

Please tell us what you want, ZYZ, a company specializing in production and development of pet products, will always waiting for you!

ZYZ Pet products factory was found in 2008. Over 14 years developing,now we have over 500 workers,four factories and 10,000 square meters production area. ZYZPET is our brand.Here is your best. . .