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What are the pet toy materials?

What are the pet toy materials?
Update Time:2019-04-28

Pet plush toy 

It is the most lifelike material. It feel very comfortable when you touch, It can made by Short floss, PV fleece, polar fleece, super soft, the peacock velvet, bejirog and so on.

Pet firehose toy

The most bite resistant material except tpr in the market.  Durable and wear resistance. latest material in the market.

Pet Oxford toy
Oxford is cheaper than most other materials, it's Suitable for small and medium dogs, This material is waterproof and moisture proof, and the biting resistance is not bad.

Pet rope toy

Simple and sleek look, Wear resistance and tensile.

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Textilene toy
The latest material, More resistant to bite.
There are many variations in patterns, shapes and styles.
Durable and wear resistance.

Pet Neoprene toy

Pet canvas toy

This material is the most natural material, it's Suitable for small and medium dogs, some of our customers like this material very much.

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