Gloal pet produts brand's supplier.


ZYZ has four factories and 20,000 square meters of luxury standard factories with hundreds of supply chains

ZYZ Factory
Jinwang pet products factory was found in 2008. Over 12 years developing,now we have over 500 workers,four factories(Anhui Jinwang factory, Kunshan Xinshun Jinwang factory, Henan Shunwang factory , Quanjiao Jinwang factory) and 30,000 square meters production area.Our four own factories mainly produced pet carrier, all kinds of pet toys,pet apparel, pet bed, pet house, pet car seat cover, cat tunnel and so on. We have passed BSCI, PETSMART, PETCO, WALMART, DISNEY, BIGLOTS. And also we cooperate with this brands every year.

Henan Shunwang Pet Products was established in 2017. It specializes in pet leash, cat tunnel, pet nest, pet clothes and other pet products. Covers an area of 7,000 square meters, 150 employees

Anhui Jinwang was officially established in 2012. It is our second factory with 150 workers. It mainly produces pet toys and pet bags, car mats, covering an area of 20,000 square meters.

Quanjiao Founded in 2012, Quanjiao Jinwang covers an area of 3,000 square meters and specializes in all kinds of pet toys.

Test Laboratory
Hongli's product quality management system
For Hongli, the quality of the drain cleaning machine is the foundation for the group's reputation and marketing.
We understand deeply that the quality of the drain cleaning machine is not only in conformity with the industry standards, local standards and national standards, but also as close as possible to the international standards. Only in this way can the core competitiveness of the product be promoted and the product brand come out of the country and move towards the international market.
Therefore, Hongli makes great efforts to adapt to the requirements of the development of the present times, truly based on the market economy, and strengthen the publicity of the standard of product quality management system, in order to promote the quality management awareness of the enterprise greatly. In addition, we also organize training for the relevant employees regularly in order to promote the quality of quality management. To improve the overall quality of the staff, the quality of products has been greatly improved.
  • Raw material management
  • Quality Control
  • Product Sampling
  • Production
Factory Services
ZYZ Pet products factory was found in 2008. Over 14 years developing,now we have over 500 workers,four factories and 10,000 square meters production area. ZYZPET is our brand.Here is your best. . .